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Time To Get Your Glow On

The prices listed below are base prices and may vary based on length, texture, and your preferred stylist. The prices listed for colour and texture services need a finishing option of either the Blow-out Experience, Colour Style, or a Designer Haircut Experience. Please don’t hesitate to let us know in the Consultation Form if you’re unsure what to book. Be mindful when choosing the Designer Haircut time please allow the appropriate time to wash, execute the cut, and blow-dry the hair. It is also very helpful if you notfiy us ahead of time if you have extra long and/or thicker hair. All prices are a la cart. Each stylist has a different price point and you can see the first initial for the stylist and then their price.. The system was introduced to help build stylists up and allow us to be as accommodating as possible with each guests budget.

Example: Let’s say you are looking for a full set of highlights with an all over toner from root to ends and a haircut( we will go with a medium texture using the 45 minute option) with Zoe. Again this is just an example to help you understand the pricing ahead of your appointment and can change depending on your needs. We are happy to go over this with you just let us know if you need assistance.

Dimensional Glam $70 + Global Glow $65 + Designer Haircut 45 Minute $33.75 = $168.75 before taxes.

Zoe is on maternity leave until July 2024-Esthetic Services will be available again when she returns. Robyn and Tiffany are available for waxing/sugaring.

Colour Experiences

Global Glow-this is for anyone that is wanting to refresh their all over colour at the level that it’s at or go darker. This would also be for you if you need a full tonal rejuvenation from root to end. Global Glow would also be added if we are doing a highighting service and you would like a root smudge in addition to your tonal rejuevanation.

O:$65 | Z:$65 | R:$80 | T:$85

Base Blend-this is for anyone that is wanting to touch up their new growth. This includes blending in those shiny white hairs or adding a root extension or smudge to your existing highlights.

O:$50 | Z:$50 | R:$60 | T:$65

Tonal Rejuvenation– this is for anyone that I wanting a gloss toner to refresh their ends. Whether it’s to refresh blonde tones, reds, coppers etc. It’s applied at the sink on damp hair and is a gloss only option. If it needs to be applied roots to ends then choose global glow. (15 mins)

O:$25 | Z:$25 | R:$30 | T:$30

Please let us know if you have an abundance of hair. Either length or texture or both.

Blonding Experiences

Diamond Dimensional-this is for guests that need a heavy blonding session. This allows for maximum brightening of your overall look. If you’re looking to completely alter your look you may need a Luxurious Transformation. See below.

O:$135 | Z:$135 | R:$175 | T:$185

Dimensional Glam-this is for the guest that still wants to see a significant amount of blonde throughout their hair. You will still see a good amount of your natural or existing previous colour.

O:$70 | Z:$70 | R:$85 | T:$95

Dimensional Glitz-this is for the guest that is just looking to brighten up around the face and the top of their hair. This could also be for someone wanting to add just some pops of blonde to the sides or back. (20 foils or less)

O:$55 | Z:$55 | R:$70 | T:$80

Mini Glitz-this is for the guest that is just looking to brighten around the face or add the popular “money piece”. You could also add a splash of brightness in the sides. (6-8 foils)

O:$40 | Z:$40 | R:$50 | T:$55

The brightening options above are ‘a la carte’ you will need to add a tonal rejuvenation to seal the ends or a global glow if you would like a root smudge and a tone. Then choose your finishing service from our Dry Bar or Designer Haircut Experiences. All brightening services include Olaplex in the formula for the protection of your hair. If you have mega hair or think you will need extra time there is an Add-on Product option for additional time for any of the services.

Dimension & Blonding Experiences

Blonde Base Blend(Platinum & High-lift blondes)-this option is for anyone that is a solid blonde and needs a touch up. 4-6 weeks no more and no less unless otherwise stated by your stylist. More can cause banding and less can cause breakage. This would also be for anyone that gets a high-lift blonde as their base blend.

O:$100 | Z:$100 | R:$ 115 | $130

Glitz Balayage-this is for the guest that is wanting a more lived in look throughout half of their head of hair. This option includes a base blend & tonal rejuvenation. (gloss only)

O:$170 | Z: $170 | R:$200 | T:$215

Glam Balayage-this is for the guest that is wanting a more lived in look throughout the entire head of hair. This option includes a base blend & tonal rejuvenation. (gloss only)

O:$185 | Z:$185 | R:$215 |T:$230

Glow & Mini Glitzif you’re looking to refresh or deepen your base colour while brightening the hairline or creating accent pieces. (6-8 foils)

O:$105 | Z:$105 | R:$130 | T:$140

Glow & Glitzif you’re looking to refresh or deepen your base colour while brightening the hairline and or the top of your hair. ( 20 foils or less)

O:$120 | Z:$120 | R:$150 | T:$165

Glow & Glamif you’re looking to refresh or deepen your base colour while adding brighter dimension throughout the entire hair.

O:$135 | Z:$135 | R:$165 | T:$180

Reminder that you need to add a tonal rejuevanation and finishing service to any combination that doesn’t specify otherwise.

Vivid Colour Experiences

Vivid Rejuvenation (4-6 Weeks) this service is for anyone that has already achieved their desired vivid(fun) colour and is wanting to refresh it. Change of vivid colour could require more steps.

O:$67.50 | Z:$67.50 | R:$90 | T:$105

Luxurious Transformation Experience

Luxurious Transformation-Hourly (Minimum 4 hours) – this service is for anyone requiring a major change with their hair, whether its due to incorrect formulation from a previous salon, a home box colour, or you are just wanting to completely alter your current look. It could require more or less time. Please fill out the Consultation Form so we can asses timing.

O:$55/hr | Z:$55/hr | R:$75/hr | T:$85/hr

Treat & Dry Bar Experiences

Blow-out Experience– this option allows for the blow-dry and styling. (45 minutes)

O:$33.75 | Z:$33.75 | R:$45 | T:$52.50 

Colour Style– this is strictly an option for colour & texture services. No styling. (30 minutes)

O:$16 | Z:$16 | R:$20 | T:$25

Mini-Luxe Treatment-this gives you the option of our moisture treatments (5 minutes)


Mid-Luxe Treatment-this gives you the option of our custom bonding treatments (10 minutes)


Mid-Luxe Treatment-this gives you the option of Olaplex, Blondme Detox, or our Scalp Exfoliating treatment (15 minutes)


Add-On Scalp Massage Experience-add additional time to your scalp massage to unwind from a stressful day or just treat yourself!


Esthetic Experiences

Mini Luxe Facial    Z:$45 (30 minute)

Luxe Facial    Z:$90 (60 minutes)

Luxurious Facial    Z:$135 (90 minutes)

Luxe Pedicure    Z:$33.75 (45 minutes)

Luxurious Pedicure    Z:45 (60 minutes)

Luxe Manicure    Z:$22.50 (30 minutes)

Luxurious Manicure    Z:$33.75 (45 minutes)

Shellac Gel Polish-Add On    Z:$11.25 (15 minutes) 

Shellac Polish Overlay     Z:$22.50 (30 minutes)

Manicures & Pedicures include vinylux polish or you can add on gel polish. Mini luxe facial is just the cleanser, exfoliator, treat & moisturizer. The luxe includes the same as the mini with the addition of the steamer if it’s needed as well as a facial massage. The luxurious includes everything in the luxe but is more customizable if you are having deeper skin issues. It includes 20 minutes of LED light therapy which can combat acne, severe dryness, and anti-aging. All our products are naturally derived and high-quality ingredients. We have a variety of options based on your skin type.

Esthetic Experiences

Eyelash/Eyebrow Tint    Z:$11.25 | R:$15 | T:$17.50 (15 minutes)    

Eyelash Lift    Z:$45 (30 minutes)

Eyebrow Lamination     Z:$45 (30 minutes)


Designer Haircut Experiences

Designer Haircut Experience-15 Minutes

O:$11.25 | Z:$11.25 | R:$15 |T:$17.50

Designer Haircut Experience-30 Minutes

O:$22.50 | Z:22.50 | R:30 | $35

Designer Haircut Experience-45 Minutes

O:$31.75 | Z:$31.75 | R:$45 | T:$52.50

Designer Haircut Experience-60 Minutes

O:$45 | Z:$45 | R:$60 | T:$70

We do not discriminate against age or gender. Please select the Designer Haircut Experience that best fits your texture and desired result. There are options for additional style time if you have more hair or require extra time. If you take 90 minutes to achieve your desired style please select both the 60 & 30 minute option when booking.

Special Occasion Experiences

Our special events agreement can be sent upon request. It outlines everything you need to know about hiring us as your special events team. Whether it’s for your big day or you just need a hair and makeup team to help your event run smoothly, we will have you covered.

Custom Extension Experiences

Extensions are a very customized experience based on each individual as well as their style and preferences. Please reach out for more information and pricing inquiries.

Hair Removal Experiences

Bikini/Full Back/Full Chest/Shoulder Wax   Z:$22.50+ | R:$30+    

Eyebrow Wax Refresh    Z:$11.25 | T:$17.50 | R:$15

Eyebrow Design    Z:$22.50 | T:$35 | R:$30

Facial Wax    Z:$22.50+ | T:$35+ | R:$30

Lip/Chin/Jawline/Underarm/Nape Wax    Z:$11.25+ | T:$17.50+ | R:$15+

If you’re needing 3+ of the services above choose Facial Wax 

Full Leg/Full Arm Wax   Z:$33.75+ | R:$45+    

Half Leg Wax    Z:$22.50+ | R:$30+

Facial Sugaring    T:$52.50 (45 minutes)

Eyebrow Refresh Sugaring    T:$17.50 (15 minutes)

Lip/Chin/Jawline Sugaring    T:$17.50 (15 minutes)

Brazilian Sugaring-New Guest or 4+ weeks T:$70+ (45 min)

Brazilian Sugaring (2-4 weeks)    T:$52.50+ (30 minutes)

Bikini Sugaring    T:$35+ (30 minutes)

Full Leg/Half Leg Sugaring T:$105+ (90 mins) $52.50+ (45 mins)

Full Arm Sugaring    T:$52.50+ (45 minutes)

Chest/Back Sugaring    $70+ (60 minutes)

Currently, we only have one staff member trained for sugaring services. That’s Tiffany. Sugaring is an all-natural form of hair removal dating back to the 1900s in Egypt. It’s made of sugar, lemon juice, and water. It is more gentle to the skin and only adheres to dead skin cells. Specific medication as well as topical steroids and creams can result in tearing. Steroids thin out the skin and if they are applied often to the area in which you would like to have sugared it could result in a tear. Overall sugaring causes less irritation and less pain compared to waxing. Your skin can be thinner throughout different times of your cycle as well.

Texture Experiences

Glitz Texture– if you’re just looking to create curl throughout the top or sides of your hair.

O:$66.25+ | Z:$66.25+ | R:$85+

Glam Texture– if you’re looking to entirely transform your look to a curl texture.

O:$77.50+ | Z:$77.50+ | R:$100+

Glam Texture Smooth– reduces frizz and can smooth out the current texture of the hair.

O:$115+ | Z:$115+ | R:$145+ | T:$165+

Nail Experiences

Short & Sweet-choose this option if you are wanting a new set of either gel or acrylic nails but you are wanting to keep them short.If you are wanting to get gems or specialty nails please add the Extra Time | Artwork.


Upscale Class-choose this option if you are wanting a new set of either gel or acrylic nails but you are wanting to keep them on the medium side.If you are wanting to get gems or specialty nails please add the Extra Time | Artwork.


Bad & Boujee-choose this option if you are wanting a new set of either gel or acrylic nails but you are wanting to them to be on the longer side.If you are wanting to get gems or specialty nails please add the Extra Time | Artwork.


Diamond-Dare You? -choose this option if you are wanting a new set of either gel or acrylic nails but you’re feeling like a baddie and want extra long nails. If you are wanting to get gems or specialty nails please add the Extra Time | Artwork.


Gel/Acrylic Refresh-the amount of time for your fill will be dependent on what you are wanting to get done including length and extra art.


Extra Time | Artwork:

V: 15 minutes $7.50 | 30 minutes $15 | 45 minutes $22.50 | 60 minutes $30

Shellac Polish Overlaythis is if you’re just getting the overlay of new gel polish on whatever natural length already exists.


Please keep in mind Victoria is new and building her clientele. She is open to respectful critics and may need extra time to complete sets.

Appointment Request|Contact Form

Thank you for considering us to provide you with your pampering needs. Please take the time to read through and answer any questions so that we can quickly and efficiently provide you with an appointment. We are open Tuesday-Saturday please allow us 24 hours to respond as we don’t currently have front desk personnel and we answer emails between serving guests. Submissions after 3pm Saturday will be answered on Tuesday. You’re more than welcome to call us at 780-812-2986 for a quicker response Tuesday- Saturday or leave a voicemail if we are busy with a guest.

Cancellation Policy: Please allow us 24-hours Tuesday-Friday and notify us Saturday before 3pm for cancellations for Tuesdays to avoid the rebooking fee. It’s 50% of the service. We totally understand that life happens but I have to protect the financial liability of the business. If an emergency or illness arise please reach out to us as soon as possible. Please cancel via phone to ensure we get it.

We look forward to seeing you again or being given the opportunity to welcome you to our space.

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