Welcome to Trendy Creations Beauty Bar

“Let me be the first to welcome you to Trendy Creations Beauty Bar Ltd. We are thrilled that you found us and can’t wait to introduce you to the Trendy Experience. Trendy Creations was founded around 2013 when I, Tiffany Dettwiler, started working as a stylist in Bonnyville, AB.

My Dream Came To Life

Amazingly, this dream has come to life much faster than expected. Opening my salon has been my dream since I fell in love with hair. Over the years, I have become an established and knowledgeable stylist in this incredible industry. Creating an environment for other like-minded and ambitious individuals is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. As time goes by, I have realized that I find just as much happiness in nurturing stylists as I do in taking care of my guests. My goal is not only to create wealth for myself but to also empower other professionals to believe that it’s possible. Wealth is not just about money, but also about being content in all areas of your life so you can truly enjoy it. 

Cultivating Guest Experience

Creating the ultimate guest experience has been a journey of discovery, and we are beyond excited for you to feel the ambiance we have created. We are constantly searching for ways to enhance your experience with us. We want you to feel acknowledged and listened to as you embark on your beauty journey with us. When you leave, we hope you feel pampered and cared for, and that we have met all of your expectations to the best of our ability.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the most luxurious guest experience and to help you achieve your ultimate hair & beauty regimen all while educating on creating and maintaining beautiful healthy hair, skin & body well-being. We have a fun and supportive team culture surrounded with elite & growing artists.

Things To Expect

  • Snack Bar (Gluten Free Options too)
  • Variety of Beverages
  • Phone Chargers- Latest Samsung & iPhone
  • Paraffin Wax (during colour processing)
  • Reclining Shampoo Chairs
  • Hydraulic Beds in the Esthetic Rooms
  • Slippers (for shoe removal in the winter/spring months or dirty work boots)
  • Beautiful Retail & Tool Area
  • Gorgeous waiting area
  • Friendly Staff!
  • Parking lot or street parking (give yourself a few minutes to find parking)
  • Quality Products
  • If you haven’t been with us recently we did switch back to our trusted colour brand Schwarzkopf Professional. Quality products is one of our top priorities and we want to ensure the best longevity we can provide.

If you could refrain from wearing perfume/cologne that would be lovely! Tiffany is fairly sensitive to it. Thank you so much in advance.

Meet The Team!

Take the time to meet the team. We absolutely know how to be professional BUT we also love having fun around here. We want everyone that prioritizes a luxurious experience to get the most out of it. No stuffy attitudes around here. Just fun loving and caring souls who want to give you the ultimate confidence boost! We want you to feel at home walking through the door like you have already known us for years. When it’s time to be serious we get the job done but who says that has to come without laughter, unless you want to have a silent appointment: of course. We are all ears and understand that you might have a demanding job or heck have just had a tough day parenting. Whatever the case is you just gives us a heads up and we can do our jobs in silence while you relish in having a moment for YOU.

Robyn Pickett | Hairstylist | Tape-In Extensionist

Robyn has a true gift for making anyone who sits in her chair very comfortable. She wants anyone who comes to see her to feel relaxed and at ease as they move through their appointment. Robyn has been working in the industry for 24 years and comes to us from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She is quickly making herself known here in Bonnyville and she can’t wait to meet you. Robyn is an incredible team player and is always first to sit and chat if a guest is waiting for their stylist you can see that guest experience was just as important at her place of work in prior years. If Robyn isn’t with a guest you will always see her tidying around the salon and lending a helping hand to her co-workers. She always has us laughing and is an absolute pleasure to work alongside. Her patience is on another level she is an insanely patient mom and such an amazing addition for helping me grow new talent in the salon.

What she LOVES at work:

Robyn has a true talent for all things in the colour world and I have seen her knock out some amazing bobs and shags on guests too! She loves a good smoothing treatment and is always game to take on special occasion hair. You can tell Robyn has done A LOT of weddings in her day. She is quick and can create some really beautiful updos for her guests. I truly love the level of comfort that Robyn gives to her guests. She is the perfect fit for our salon culture.

What she LOVES at home:

  • Family time and being there for her family is very important to her
  • Camping and exploring is often what you will find her and the family doing in the summer
  • Concerts
  • Hanging poolside if they are not enjoying the great outdoors
  • Fishing
  • Robyn loves to travel! It sounds like the boys love travelling too

Zoe Quinney | Apprentice Hairstylist | Certified Esthetician

Zoe got both of her hair and esthetics training under her belt early by doing them back to back. She started with us in February 2022 and has been blowing up ever since. You can see her passion for what she does as she works. She is eager to learn anything that she can and is quick to apply any guidance given to her. Zoe has quickly built a reputation with her esthetics background and is following that up just as quickly with her guests who see her for hair services. Zoe offers the most services in the salon with her being multi-passionate in the hair and esthetic world. Zoe also has a unique personality that keeps us laughing all day long. If you ever want to do a TikTok or Reel trend she more than likely will be down for that too. She loves making videos and is an incredible asset to keeping us current on social media.

Zoe grew up around here not too far from Bonnyville, in Frog Lake. She is well known and has a HUGE family who are also amazing supporters.

What she LOVES at work:

One place you will ALWAYS see Zoe in her zone is when she is performing a mens cut. She absolutely loves the art of barbering. Zoe also gives an incredible pedicure and really loves helping guests with their skin. I also recently discovered she is super artistic! She drew the cutest snowman while practicing some nail art. She is constantly building her knowledge in the colour world and refining her skills and talents daily. She takes any opportunity she can to educate herself when she isn’t with guests.

What she LOVES at home:

  • Bubs is her furry love
  • Music and makeup is her calm place
  • Rock & heavy metal are her genres
  • Zoe loves spending time with her family
  • She loves going to concerts
  • Fun fact Zoe and her dad competed in Chariot Racing in Alberta!

Tiffany Dettwiler | Salon Leader | Master Colourist | IBE Extensionist

Hi friend!

I have loved hair for as long as I can remember. I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist as early as Grade 1. Creating connections with so many incredible souls is something I value. Learning and tweaking my craft has been a bonus. After I obtained my hair license in Ontario I made the journey out to Alberta in April 2012. It didn’t take me very long to realize that this would be my forever home. I rapidly built my clientele here. I worked as a commission stylist for 6 years, then rented a chair before creating my dream salon. The place where I get to wake up and create badass hair with badass people who want to express themselves authentically, don’t worry we know how to be professional too! We love to have fun and make sure our guests are comfortable. It’s our TOP priority.

What I LOVE at work:

My absolute favourite service to perform is the installation of IBE extensions. Along with making my guests love their fullness and length again, I love helping them find a custom colour to boost that confidence. Dimensional colours are my jam. I am a blonde specialist with a previous specialty in vivid colour work. So dimensional colour captures ALL my love.

What I LOVE at home:

  • I love quality time with my friends and snuggling my fun-loving pom, Turbo.
  • I have a deep love for travel. Most often you will find me flying home to my family in Ontario.
  • I equally enjoy being social and soaking up my time at home.
  • I enjoy podcasts, reading, and puzzles!
  • I LOVE dancing and having fun
  • I have an addiction to coffee and love a good glass of wine
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